Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vacation and an evil sock

Howdy everyone. Heh, who am I kidding. I'm fully aware that there's very little reading going on around here, and it's all my fault. I don't update nearly as often as I should.

We're currently on vacation, visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday, and it's absolutely gorgeous here. Chilly, but beautiful, for sure. Yesterday J, Granny, and I took a hike through the woods. J found a snail shell to add to his nature collection, and we had a great time rolling, running, and sliding down the levy and watching the sunset through the bare trees.

I'd share some pictures with you, but I don't have the cord to my camera, so you'll just have to use your imagination.

Before leaving for vacation, I cast on several knitting projects, so as not to find myself stranded in a strange place with nothing to knit. Imagine the horror! One of the projects that I cast on for was the Nutkin sock pattern. It's lovely, easy, and zips right along, which is why I'm convinced that my knitting is out to do me in. I cast this sock on three different times before finding (what I thought) was the right needle size. Then I merrily knit away on it during the flight to Nashville. After arriving here, and preparing to start the heel, I realized that the cuff was impossibly small-- like so small that I couldn't get it over my ankle. I tried it on J-man in desperation. It fit him, but he deemed it too girly for him. So I ripped it all out and started over. After working the heel completely, I realized I'd made an error that I couldn't live with, so it was ripsville again. Ugh! I'm proud to report that I seem to have conquered the sock this time, and I'm well on my way to the toe. Let's hope that the second sock doesn't prove itself to be so much of a troublemaker!

Pictures will follow, once we return to Florida on Tuesday. For now, I think we'll go out and enjoy our last days on the farm.

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At 12:22 PM, Blogger Michele said...

I'm still reading :) Or just started reading again, but who's keeping track...

I had issues starting that pattern too. I made monkeys instead :) We should get together again when you get back in town.

At 1:37 PM, Blogger Mommyleek said...

If you ever decide to do the pattern again, it really is fast and enjoyable. I'd cast on the way suggested for the endpaper mitts and Kitchener the toe instead of doing the 3 needle bind off. Let's try and set a date to get together soon!

At 1:25 AM, Blogger Barbara/myth maker said...

Looking forward to viewing this unruly sock!


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