Sunday, April 15, 2007

This little light

I was so excited to see that Gretchen was planning on holding her second annual fundraiser in honor of Nova this year! Now, I'm not a rich person, but I decided that if I could afford to make a $25 donation, I could make that go even further if I were to give Gretchen the $25 to apply towards prizes that would in turn entice more people to donate. And so, I wrote to Gretchen and asked if I could help.

Gretchen is so good to me. She lets me feel like I'm actually helping out when really all I'm doing is oohing and aahhing and jabbering on and on with ideas and whatnot.

We decided that in order to make the fundraiser as much of a success as possible this year, we'd ask some of the fabulous fiber folks to get involved with us, and their response has been staggering. I don't know that we ever expected the generosity that we've encountered!

Check out the buttons in my sidebar to see some of the great folks that have donated products for the five monthly drawings! Incredible stuff, all of it! And even though I know that Nova was and is an amazing child, capable of touching so many, I guess I really had no idea just how many people he was capable of shining through to.

Then I get an email yesterday from Gretchen telling me that Sue of Harvest Moon Designs had contacted her asking if she could donate her patterns--not just a few--all of them. Imagine that! Word of mouth alone! We had not contacted Sue about a donation at all. I find it staggering and amazing and humbling all at the same time. Gretchen and I will be adding some cotton yarn into each of the prize packages so that you will be all set to go!

And so, this post is intended to be nothing more than a big giant thank you to everyone that has taken a moment to read about Nova, to donate money to the American Heart Association, whether in his name or independently, and also to those fine folks that have nearly smothered Gretchen and me in their generosity. You guys are all awesome!



At 1:36 PM, Blogger Erin said...

I love you! I love you I love you I love you... thank you so much for remembering my beautiful little man *hug*


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