Friday, February 06, 2009

This is no surprise

Your rainbow is shaded blue.


What is says about you: You are a tranquil person. You appreciate friends who get along with one another. You share hobbies with friends and like trying to fit into their routines.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

I found this on Betsy's blog as I was reading through today, and just like her, it points directly to the colors I often choose to knit with. Kind of neat.


I'll take Strep for $200, Alex

A visit to the pediatrician's office this morning rendered the diagnosis of strep, and a 10 day course of antibiotics. Apparently half of the county is sick. The lobby was standing room only, and they'd only been open for 30 minutes when we arrived. Wanna talk about a germ factory! I felt sick just walking in there among the hacking coughs, snotty noses, and kids with flushed cheeks and garbage cans in their laps. We always joke that if J isn't sick when he walks into the doctor's office, he will be when he walks out.

We camped out in a corner to ourselves for the most part, me holding my 65 pound kid in my lap, drool running from his chin because he didn't want to/couldn't swallow, and listened to people bitch about the wait time.

When we finally got called back, we got stuck with the one doctor in the entire practice that I can't stand. I gritted my teeth through the entire 30 seconds she spent in the room, took my prescription, and went home.

You know, they should open a drive-thru pediatrics office. Don't even have to get them out of the car, just roll down the window, have them stick out their tongue, and give a discount for the parents that bring their own pre-swabbed Q-tip. Pick up your prescription at the second window, please.

Anyway, this post is just a product of my lack of sleep, and can be completely disregarded.

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Life in a petri dish

The nephew came home from school yesterday vomiting. There's a strain of Norovirus going around down here something fierce, so I just knew that we'd all have it by this weekend, and jokingly suggested that we stock up on toilet paper quickly.

Since then I've been Lysol-ing the hell out of every surface. Lets face it-- it sucks to see a kid sick, but it sucks even worse to share his germs AND watch him feel sick, and I have a little one around that probably wouldn't be as discreet about his bodily functions, should he become infected.

J spent the day yesterday being comparatively lazy. Not lethargic by any means, but just not his usual rambunctious self. He played a whole lot of computer games and stayed wrapped in his snuggi. Nothing I considered odd or indicative of impending illness. I mean, look at him. Does that look like a sick kid face?

(Yes, my desk is THAT messy, and yes, that is a giant RV in my yard, thank you very much.)

But 3 a.m. told a different story.

Wheezy, croupy cough, unable to breath. It's the first time we've had to break out the nebulizer in years, but man am I glad we had it! The last time he had croup we nearly had to take him to the emergency room. After about an hour of wheezing he was able to fall back asleep, but not until spiking a fever.

Yup. My kid's got the crud. It'll only be a matter of time before we're all hacking and feeling like crap.

I'm staying home with him today. He seems to be a bit better, and after an early morning trip to Walgreens for Motrin (because Tylenol is a joke) and popsicles, he's actually upright and hanging out with me. Technically, I suppose I should have taken him to Abuela's house and gone to work, but why when I have a perfect excuse to stay home and knit and snuggle?

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Monday

Just a little blog update while I have 5 minutes to myself.

Not a whole lot of interesting stuff is going on around here. Hubby's car finally broke down on Friday. We've been wondering how long it would go before finally doing so. It's been a great car, so I'm not begrudging it one bit. We were hoping it would give us a couple more months because we're currently on the lookout for a new one, anyway. Looks like we're going to have to fork over the repair money and keep it a little longer though.

The only inconvenient thing is, it broke down on the very top floor of the parking garage, making it impossible to get a tow truck to pick it up. This morning after dropping J off at school we had to go up and push it back down to the street so that the tow-guy could get to it. Fun times, I tell ya. There's nothing like pushing a car, in the cold and rain, through a busy hospital parking garage. We got some ugly looks. But it's done, and it's now at Mr. Bruce's shop waiting on a new front axle and serpentine belt. The beast should run another 100,000 miles after this, given it's track record.

In the knitting/crochet arena. I have lots of projects I'd like to be working on, if only I could find the time. I've got the Granny cardi version 2.0 currently in the works. All I've managed to accomplish is the back and part of one front. Alas, I need to set it down and get to work on some baby goodies. Two of the girls in my knitting group are expecting. One of them in the next few weeks. I picked up some lovely purple wool/silk blend yarn the other day on clearance- $2.00 a ball. I'm thinking little eyelet cardigans for both, along with some booties? I'd better get crankin!

And that's it. Nothing much to report. I promise a better post when I have the time.

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